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Greetings from PRO ANGKOR team in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Thank you for visiting our page here and we would like to inform you that we are ready to serve you in “real estate sector” and is called "PRO ANGKOR REALTY". Thus, from 2nd semester of 2016, we are forming our structure and leap into the rapid development of real estate business and super excited to bring about plenty of properties to our readers and future customers for “selling, buying or just leasing”. And this leasing, buying and selling service assistance will be available in Siem Reap province, particularly in the city of Siem Reap Angkor. We are like a firm bridge connecting investors/buyers/tenants with property owners. YES, we are the newest property agency in Siem Reap, trust us for more.

Additionally, we also do “business consulting” in the area of hospitality, café/ restaurant, logistic, land transport, and real estate development; and can help with registration, legal documents works as well. So please let us know of your side interest. We have sufficient connection and information to share all your property needs. 

For more efficient business discussion, please contact us at: info@proangkorrealty.com

Phnone: +855 12 466 495, +855 86 979 295 for quick appointment!

ព្រ អង្គររៀលធី សូម​អរគុណច្រើន! Enormous appreciation from Pro Angkor Realty team!


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